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Mindfulness, Movement, & Motivation

Formerly Fitness Jam for Kids, it is a fun and exciting PreK-12 enrichment program that promotes the importance of children participating in physical activities and mental health coping strategies to live a healthier lifestyle and to achieve academic success.  


 During the sessions, participants engage in physical Movement (workout routine that incorporates Hip-Hop, Afro-beats, and Latin dance moves), and Mindfulness techniques (mindful breathing, visualization, and movement) by qualified professionals.  Through this exposure, children are motivated to use movement and mindfulness strategies  to achieve positive emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration.    


Girl, Take Off Your Cape!

 The women in children’s lives plays a vital role in increasing their health awareness and practices. Matriarchs or mother-figures serve as role models and are the primary "influencers" of household decisions to illustrate to children the importance of making health conscience choices. Traditionally in the community and household, women are the person who prepares the children’s food and schedules the children’s activities; thus the reason ECA is focusing on supporting the well being of women. 

Today, many women are experiencing the Superwoman Syndrome! ECA provides safe spaces for women designed to give every SUPERWOMAN the opportunity to remove the cape and take a break from constantly striving and stretching herself to accomplish everything possible in a perfect manner and not putting herself as a top priority. 



Formerly Camp Connections tutoring program, ECA shifted its focus from not only  providing academic skills but now life skills to support the community. The CPR2 ( pronounced C- P- R-squared) program certifies high school students (16 years an older)in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Impoverished communities have the highest rates of heart disease and diabetes and having CPR trained students serves as a viable resource; especially in emergency situations when every minute counts! CPR2 teach our youth empowerment through Community, Philanthropy, and Responsibility. Our motto is Save a Heart, Save a Life, Save a Community!

ECA Board

Interim President

Dominique Friend, M.ED.

Board Member

Keisha Hailstock, MA

Board Member

Dr. Stephanie Bassett

Board Member

Tyeasha Williams-Powell, LPC, CCTP, CSAC-R

Board Member

Tiffany Graham, M.ED.

Community Liaison & Founder

Dr. Shawnrell Blackwell

Financial Advisor

Donita Harper, CPA

Mental Health Advisor

Tangee Moore, LCSW, CMHIMP